Christina milian dating lil wayne

Christina goes on to confirm that her feelings are indeed true.

The couple has been rumored to be dating since July and have kept their relationship really hush hush.

Depending on who you ask Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are either dating or the Young Money Entertainment founder is just using the press to bolster her musical career because she is signed to his label.When asked what a regular date with Weezy is like, she said they don’t do all of that.“We don’t really…okay. But when a personality present for the chat asked her, “Why you so fine? ” she revealed that it’s because she’s in love.“You better stop! So with us, with Wayne, he’s not a public kind of guy. If you look at his Twitter, he tweets every now and then. He’s great.”From there, Big Boy asked if the ring on Milian’s finger, spotted during their conversation, was an engagement ring of sorts. However, her nose isn’t the only one with flared nostrils. The answer is always ‘no.’ You either get over it or you leave. You soon find out that you’re not, because you can’t f**king take it. You know it’s him because it’s his voice rapping or singing about me and that’s the tone. And the answer will always be ‘no.’My relationship with Wayne has always worked because I don’t want what other people want. So, if you have the woman Wayne has, then maybe you’re as good as Wayne.

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