Urban jungle dating dilemmas

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A friend tells us: "It was a tough decision for Ant.

He was very close to his gran and family means so much to him.

My friend…let's call her Jane…has a dating dilemma that is so cute and funny and…unusual. Catch up, here.)Let's get right down to it: Jane is a single mom, beautiful, mid-thirties, and lives in San Francisco, where the nights are warm and sultry right now.

We've been texting and talking about it a lot lately, and, I kid you not, it's like a scene straight out of the movie (I should add, the bit about the sneezing and "God bless you" has stuck with me my entire life). As such, she finds herself, often, on her little front porch overlooking the bay after her kids are in bed.

"But would it be completely stupid of me to date my neighbor? Cons: He knows what she's up to at all hours; and she has the same perspective on his life.

"I missed you," he said out of the blue with a slow smile. And she meant it."I have such a crush on him," she admitted to me recently. He can pop in for dinner, partake in spontaneous TV-watching, help her with that pesky kitchen sink that leaks, give her quick kisses at random times (and actually, think romantic gestures galore—she can see his bedroom window from her bedroom window).

But after speaking to his mother he decided the best thing to do was to stay in the jungle and carry on working.

"She persuaded him there was nothing he could do back home and told him not to let everyone in the show down.

Why is it so hard for people to meet “the one” in a city of millions?

Life in big cities such as: Montreal, Toronto, Chicago or New York is fast-paced, fun and exciting but dating has definitely become challenging and far from what it used to be.

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