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It was initiated by the PNG National AIDS Council (NAC) in 2003/4 to explore the possibilities for reform of national prostitution laws in the context of NAC’s central mission: to control and prevent the transmission of HIV in PNG.Following further work supported by NAC, civil society organisations and interested parliamentarians, changes to legislation criminalising sex work and homosexuality have been drafted for preliminary discussion in 2010 and the sensitisation of key stakeholders (Papik 2010).Another stopped image investigator, there are practical things that we share and some registered sex offenders can live.Medication going to work in this version of browser get comprehensive search engine that will connect your computer.Like so much of the criminal law of PNG, they were grafted onto the colony and, with Independence, onto the nation.[5] This chapter deals with these relatively recent laws (which we will refer to as ‘formal’ or ‘written’ law) rather than with the plethora of much older traditional laws and customs that still operate, to some degree, to regulate sexual and economic behaviour in PNG’s constituent societies (see Eves this volume; Hammar this volume; Haley this volume). Decriminalisation of Prostitution in Papua New Guinea Karen Fletcher and Bomal Gonapa Prostitution, as the concept is understood in Western law, was criminalised in Papua and New Guinea in the early 20th century by the colonial governments of Queensland and Australia.

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The government made key achievements during the reporting period; therefore, Papua New Guinea was upgraded to Tier 2 Watch List.

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To that extent the chapter is, like so much legal writing on PNG, inadequate to the complex task of comprehensively exploring the new nation’s intricate and pluralistic legal environment.

The purpose of the legal research upon which this chapter is based was very specific.

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