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Louis (CAM) has engaged in a necessary and meaningful dialogue with the community about the exhibition Kelley Walker: Direct Drive, the controversial artist’s talk regarding the exhibition, and the concerns regarding racial insensitivity both the show and the talk have generated.

First and foremost, CAM would like to reiterate our apology to the community for the anger and pain we caused.

These cements provide several advantages, such as a durable, strong bond to the tooth and ceramic; good color match; margins that can be polished; and convenient delivery systems.

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Louis Executive Director Lisa Melandri and the museum’s Board of Directors announced that ‘Kelley Walker: Direct Drive,’ the exhibition that sparked demands for a boycott within the black creative community, will remain on display.

These boot-like devices offer immobilization and protection for many types of foot and ankle injuries. For most sprains, hairline stress fractures, and soft tissue injuries, choosing the right cam walker comes down to making one simple - yet important decision - whether to go with a tall or short height version.

When in doubt it's best to error on the side of caution and choose a tall height model for added protection.

Tall walkers are better for immobilization and allow less overall movement inside the brace while shorter cam walkers offer less immobilization and a greater range of movement inside.

Next, it's important to think about your comfort level needs when choose a cam walker boot.

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