Does nicki minaj and nas dating

But I might make an exception to the rule for him,” she explained.

Earlier in the interview, Nicki explained why she was keen on the idea of their potential courtship, stating why she admires the rapper. “Shout out to Queens, New York, we’re both from Queens.

A couple of weeks back (May 10), Nicki Minaj had the Internet in a frenzy when she posted a photo of her cuddled up with Nas while the two were out to dinner.

Ellen was swift with her questions, as she was quickly able to shift the conversation over to the rumors of her and the veteran Queens rapper. “No, because I’m just chilling right now, I’m celibate.

After being confronted by the television personality, Nicki finally opened up, confirming that the two are having “sleepovers,” but according to the female MC, have not done “the nasty” yet. I wanted to go a year without dating any men, I hate men.

"Only KINGS recognize QUEENS," she captioned the picture of them looking cozy with his arm wrapped around her.

The note could even be subtle nod to their home city, since they're both from Queens, NY.

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