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Can't beat that expression of sheer and unadulterated shock.

If there's one thing the denizens of Twitter, the Internet, the world really, are good for; it's banding together and taking up arms to stage a rage-fueled protest against anything remotely or absolutely evident of the proverbial 'whitewashing'.

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When one dude's date turns out to be a complete (texting) trainwreck, this guy was gifted with some solid advice from his bros on how to make the most out of the situation.

What happens next is a series of moves that, if followed correctly, should be able to help anyone get out of a disaster date.

The Chinese couple first met in 1954 when Huang was asked to make a suit for Wang.

Animal Capshunz Animal Gifs Daily Squee I Has A Hotdog Lolcats ROFLrazzi ROFLrazzi All That's Fab Funny in Showbiz ROFLrazzi Celebs Historic LOLs Must Have Cool... Title: FAIL Blog - Epic Fails Videos, GIFs and Pictures - Fail | Fails | Funny Videos | Fail GIFs | Fail Videos - Cheezburger Description: The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and fails. Artist Anna Gensler isn't alone in experiencing gross pickup lines and sleazy requests while online dating."My friend asked me to put together his dating profile for him.I hid sloth faces in all of the pictures." Setting up a dating profile is the most strenuous task there is when it comes to online dating.

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